Why Does the Sun Make Things Fade and How to Preserve Furnishings

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How Can You Enjoy Your Windows as Preserve Furnishings at the Same Time?

Like memories, pictures fade over time. Unfortunately, your furniture, walls, flooring and even expensive, custom window treatments can lose color and break down with sun exposure also. Help protect your drapery, blinds and preserve furnishings, and proudly display your art and photos, with the protection of 3M Window Films. As you can see in the diagram below, fading is caused by a combination of UV Rays, Solar Heat, Visible Light and other things typically outside of your control. However, the 3M window film that we offer works to significantly reduce the three factors of fading that you can do something about.

Ways 3M Window Films help reduce rate of fading and preserve furnishings:

  • Block up to 99% of harmful UV rays — the principal cause of fading
  • Reject solar heat, which can continually heat fabrics and other surfaces, causing them to break down and discolor over time
  • Filter visible light, which can accelerate fading

We hope this brief post shed some light on what the factors of faded floors, rugs and furniture are and how utilizing window film is one of your best options to preserve furnishings. If you are interested in learning more, give us a call at (803)-714-0935 or email us at Contact@MrTintInc.com to receive a free, no obligation assessment of your particular application.